Founded in 1987, O’Brien & Neville is a Marketing Communications, Branding, and Graphic Design firm with a long history of working closely with clients to make sure that their brands are recognized and their marketing messages are heard. Our partners have extensive experience working with a broad range of clients, as demonstrated by the attached biographies and portfolio samples. Our strength lies in our ability to understand a wide range of business issues, products and services, and to leverage that knowledge in the creation of effective marketing materials. Firm members include:

Kathleen M. O’Brien

President and Founder

A recognized expert in logotype and symbol development, Kathleen has been delivering creative and innovative designs to a wide range of clients for 30 years. Her ability to understand client challenges and translate them into visual solutions, combined with her artistic vision and design skills, enable her to deliver effective solutions that resonate with both clients and their customers. Kathleen holds a BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her logotype work has been recognized by American Corporate Identity, and her designs have received several client and industry awards.

Paul H. Neville

Vice President

Paul brings 30 years of design and corporate management experience to his work as a graphic designer and brand identity consultant. He specializes in creating effective solutions in brand recognition, collateral packages, and specialized marketing initiatives for organizations ranging from small internet startups to global corporations such as Thermo Fisher Scientific. Prior to joining O&N, Paul was the corporate design director for Arthur D. Little, an international consulting firm, where he directed all aspects of design for the firm’s 52 worldwide offices. Paul’s passion lies in designing new typefaces, and many of his custom fonts have been developed for clients identities. An outgrowth of typographic interests, he is developing typography software for the design industry, and holds a U.S. Patent on his optical kerning technology. Paul holds an MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

William M. Covino

Senior Art Director

As a seasoned graphic designer, Bill brings 30 years of artistic expertise in a wide range of industries and media. From developing product identities, advertising, collateral, exhibits, annual reports and web sites for organizations in the high tech arena to designing magazines, exhibits and identities for lifestyle companies, Bill’s broad range of skills translates seamlessly across organizations. Prior to joining O’Brien & Neville, Bill was the lead art director for Data General (A division of EMC Corporation). Bill also attended the MFA program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has received numerous awards and recognition in publications and industry shows, including Print’s Regional Design Annual, and the Mead Boston Top 30 Annual Report Show.